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DMG Medical Supply is among the most trustworthy brands for quality medical supplies and healthcare products across the city of Los Angeles, California. Not only is it most revered as a one-stop store for all medical equipment and supplies in wholesale and retail quantity, but it also guarantees the best of quality medical equipment supplies at the most affordable or reasonable rate. The company operates on a core value of quality and affordable healthcare delivery with a vision to be a pacesetter in the United States vision of affordable healthcare for every individual.

Shop top-quality medical accessories including  Stair Lifts, Durable Manual Wheelchairs, Electric Mobility Scooters, Walking Aids, Bathroom Safety Products, Hospital Beds, Patients Lifts and Slings, High-Quality Poli-Foam Wheelchair Cushions. Dental, Wound Care and First Responder Supplies, Disposable Medical Products, Hand Sanitizers, Sprays, and top-quality Wipes. Also, we have a large collection of Incontinence Products for adults including Briefs, Pads, and Diapers. Medical Supplies products include a versatile range of Hot and Cold Packs, Aqua Relief Pads for Hot and Cold Therapy. Breast Care accessories include Breast Forms, top-quality Bras, and Speciality Collections. Full range of Personal Protective Equipment including Face Masks, Hand Gloves, Test Kits, Disposable Protectives, ISO Gowns, and Hospice Express accessories.


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